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Who is L.Dre?

Enter the softly soothing world of L.Dre A.K.A. Lofi Dre, an independent music producer currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style fuses soft, wholesome lo-fi beats to bass-heavy boom bap rhythms to create something smooth, chill and easy to listen to. His influences span a wide range from producers like J Dilla, Monte Booker and Kaytranada, all the way to animation soundtracks like Steven Universe, Avatar The Last Airbender & Studio Ghibli films. The resulting sound is something overflowing with good vibes and accessible to people from all musical persuasions. He’s grown a steady following in the hundreds of thousands worldwide for his stunning music and youtube videos about production.


The young artist was involved in music from a very young age. He got into hip-hop through skateboarding at the age of just 9, after listening to 50 Cent. From here on out hip-hop was everything and he began pursuing his dreams of being a rapper. After high-school he realized he was more passionate about production and set out to be a fully-fledged producer. After getting his degree in music production in 2018, L.Dre committed to posting daily content on Instagram for 2 years straight. His hard work paid off as the multi-talented individual managed to slowly amass a significant and loyal following over the years.


L.Dre got his first viral hit through Tiktok with his dance remix of Frank Ocean's song, Chanel. Ever since, his listenership continued to grow rapidly, propelling him to garner over a whopping 120 Million streams across platforms as well as brand deals with renowned brands such as Honda, Samsung, Dr. Pepper and many more. One of his recent viral hits include a dreamy lo-fi rework the Steven Universe theme song, which accumulated over 37 million streams on Spotify and over 10 million videos made to it on TikTok used by celebrities like Will Smith and Kylie Jenner


With plans to release even more original material in the near future, the artist hopes to engage current audiences and reach out to new ones with his exciting yet profound creations. Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, L.Dre seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through music and his love for cartoons. The prolific musician is no doubt, well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal Artists in this generation. 


Producer | Artist | Creative
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